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the city hostage. stop the economy of the city. look at what happened on friday, the whole city was on lockdown, no businesses open, no one was leaving their homes. it's about stopping the economy of america. we got to stop that. we got to move forward. we're a much stronger city than they want us to be. we'll be even better as we move forward. it frustrates me that we have these events going on in our country. americans have to wake up. we have the fear of terrorism. our lives are changed forever. >> let me ask you more about that lockdown, because some have suggested that it was an overreaction to lock down the city, are you convinced it was necessary? >> at the time the decision was made, it sure was. i had information that there were other things going on during the decision that was made. i agree with that decision at the time, because of the information we had. at that time, we found a pipe bomb in another location in the city of boston. and another individual was taken into custody in another location. so, to bring -- to have clarity of this situation, we brought people t
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1